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Investment Strategy

We Focus on Life Science and Healthcare Companies.
We look for opportunities with the potential to change the healthcare equation. Today, this means an emphasis on biotechnology. However, our appetite goes beyond this and we maintain an active interest in drug development, therapeutic and diagnostic medical devices, computational biology and selected healthcare.

We Believe in Fundamentals.
Before we invest, we insist upon having a complete understanding of the basics—everything from the underlying science and economics to the motivations of the entrepreneurs and investors. We prefer our validation-phase investments to be in the Northwest so that we can devote substantial time and energy to their development. Other early and mid-stage investments can be in companies across North America.

We Are Active Investors.
We expect to be the lead investor in validation-phase investments. In early and mid-stage investments we generally expect to join a growing syndicate of investors with whom we have had past experience. In all cases, we expect to be active contributors to the success of a portfolio company.

We Capitalize on Our Knowledge of the Northwest.
We have grown up in the Northwest and have deep roots and strong connections. We have a successful track record identifying and developing promising early-stage technologies in this region.

We Make Prompt Decisions.
We have been on the "other side of the table" and have empathy for the entrepreneur trying to finance the commercial development of an idea. We may not invest, but we will make prompt decisions and provide feedback in all cases.

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